Weingut Paulinenhof – about us:

Tim, Halit, Silja, Pauline, Ina and Rolf Bernhard

Weingut Paulinenhof, the winery at the foot of the hill Selzener Gottesgarten where our family has been cultivating wine and farming since 1790.


High quality viticulture is important to us. Our goal is the harmony of the good soil in Rheinhessen, classic grape varieties, sustainable viticulture, modern enological technology and precise wine sensory. Inspirations from international wine cultures and many years of experience have shaped our wine style.

The best way to taste our wines is of course to visit our winery. Learn more about wine and the rheinhessian lifestyle during casual yet exciting wine tastings and vineyard tours.


As wine is more than just a beverage, wine is an experience!


We are looking forward to your visit!


Bernhard Family

Most innovative winetourims experience in the world!

In line with the Best Of Wine Tourism Awards 2024, the stage was set for the public to vote the world's best wine tourism experiences. The Great Wine Capitals Global Network, a pioneering initiative that has been celebrating innovation and excellence in wine tourism for over two decades, awarded us with the Peoples Choice Award for Innovative Winetourism Experiences.


We proudly invite you to take part in our unique wine experience. Don't hesitate to contact us or book your personal wine experience at Winetourism.com.